About Wah Han Printing Co. Pte. Ltd.

Who We Are

Wah Han Printing Co. is an offset, label and digital print service provider. Established in 1983 and conveniently located in Toa Payoh, we provide an extensive range of printing solutions to facilitate our clients’ business processes. In January 1998, Wah Han Printing Co. was awarded the ISO 9002. Moreover, we are one of the few printers in Singapore that provides Tyvek® (DuPont) as an alternative print material. With our passion for customer service and considerable knowledge in printing, we strive to expeditiously deliver the most enchanting prints for our clients.

Our Belief and Assurance

Visual communication plays a large and important role in our everyday lives. Which is why we believe that every printout we deliver to our customers must be capable of evoking an emotional response. Otherwise, it’ll be a plain waste of good paper. We work hard and diligently to maintain the quality, integrity and innovation on which our success is built.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We offer Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified papers and other recycled papers for our customers. Additionally, we print only what is required by maximising the number of pages per impression. Unfortunately, print wastages are unavoidable. Still, we care about the environment we’re sharing and aim to lessen our ecological impact. We endeavour to keep print wastages to a minimum while adhering to the other two principles of Reusing and Recycling.

Why Choose us?

Our strong conviction in our philosophy reflects where we are today

We Listen

We care about your experience and satisfaction with us regardless of how large or small is your print job. Careful evaluation is carried out for each print job to completely understand the motivation behind it so that we can determine how we can best meet and exceed the underlying objectives.

Experience & Technical Expertise

For over 30 years, Wah Han Printing Co. has been Singapore’s premier business-to-business printer. With the help of our modern presses, we rely on our vast experience and technical expertise to fulfil even the most demanding print jobs. Moreover, it is important to us that our customers’ designs can fully live up to its potential by providing a quality print service.

Passion & Creativity

Obsessed with new designs, colour matching and perfection, our highly trained teams are continuously honing their skills while having a close eye on design trends.

Quality & Short Lead Time for a Competitive Price

When we meet our deadlines, so do our clients. We continuously invest in cutting edge technology to produce affordable and high quality products that we can proudly deliver to our customers on time.